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HSE Engineer

The "Foundation to HSE" course is a comprehensive study into Health, Safety, and Environment. It covers a wide array of topics such as fire safety, accident prevention, occupational hygiene, environmental pollution control, and construction safety.

Objective: The main objective of this subject is to enable the students to familiarize with basic knowledge of Health, Safety and Environment. After studying this, the student will be able to understand the various associated hazards, issues at the work place and also the combating methods to prevent accidents.

The "Foundation to HSE" course offers an extensive exploration of Health, Safety, and Environment principles. Through 14 units, it covers various aspects of fire safety, industrial accident prevention, emergency planning, occupational hygiene, construction safety, and environmental pollution control. Students will learn essential definitions, theories, practices, and management techniques that contribute to safer and more sustainable workplaces. Case studies and practical checklists supplement the theoretical understanding, promoting a comprehensive grasp of HSE in various industrial contexts.

Sample Syllabus: 

Sample  Syllabus:

Unit 1: Fire safety foundation: Definitions- Occupational health and safety, Safety, Ill health, Accident, Incident, Environmental protection, Hazard, Risk. Scope and nature, the moral, legal and financial reasons for promoting good standards of safety within an organisation, The business case for managing fire safety, The nature and sources of safety information, The basis of a system for managing safety.     


Unit 2: Classification of Fire & Extinguishers:  Classification of Fire. Techniques of fire extinction - starvation, smothering, cooling, and Inhibition. Extinguishing agents.  Types of extinguishers, method of operation, maintenance. Selection of fire extinguishers.


Unit- 3: Industrial accident:  Introduction, meaning, Near miss, industrial accidents-types, Causes- Unsafe Act, Unsafe condition, Difference between Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions, Examples, Consequences. 5W and 1H investigation theory and documentation. Measurement of Safety Performance.


Unit- 4: Accident Prevention:  Introduction, principles, Domino’s theory of Accident Causation, Frank bird’s Domino theory. Risk based Decision making, ALARP – As Low as reasonably Practical Risk. Risk Matrix. Five E’s for Accident Prevention at the workplace.

                                                    Please Contact Mifse Admin for Further Syllabus in Deatail (Total 14 Units) 

HSE Engineer

The "Foundation to HSE" course equips students with essential knowledge in health, safety, and environmental protection. Benefits include enhanced safety awareness, compliance with legal standards, promotion of healthy work environments, effective emergency response skills, and a foundation for careers in various industries. Overall, it fosters responsible and sustainable practices.

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